Cantors statement is within comparison to what Boehner said following a latest meeting at the wisma White House, where he characterized immigration reform because an region where he plus the president were in agreement. While Boehner has said the Home demands to tackle the politically contentious issue, he has blamed Obama for poisoning relations with Congress by taking unilateral actions to delay enforcement of his healthcare law. The actions, Boehner has mentioned, cause his members to distrust whether Obama would enforce any immigration bill Congress passed.

11:56 AM 04/15/2014 Tweet The Threat of Cheap Denham:Dont be misled by press accounts which downplay the significance of Rep. Jeff Denhams attempt to incorporate something called the ENLIST Act to the protection authorization (NDAA) bill. Its a substantial drive for a significant immigration amnesty, and it has a superior chance of succeeding. Opponents of an Amnesty First approach to immigration must be worried.

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